5 Tips for Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Your Body Type

The perfect pair of jeans is the holy grail of everyone's wardrobe and for a good reason. You can wear it casually while it can also be paired with a business appropriate blazer to elevate your look to a whole new level. 

While jeans can be very exciting to pair with different types of clothing, the hardest part is finding your perfect fit. Not only can it be tough to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable and stylish at the same time, but the right color can also make or break your look. So let's dive into picking out your perfect style based on your body type.

#1 Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans have become very popular in recent years. You see, they can look great on almost anybody. From pear-shaped to an hourglass, you can never go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans like this one: Eternal 18 women's 1800 series jeans

#2 Straight-Leg Jeans.

Now, this is where things start to get a bit more interesting. Straight-leg and skinny jeans are close relatives and a straight-leg just has a bit more room than skinny fit so that the more body-conscious among us can feel comfortable as well. Straight-leg jeans usually look great on apple and hourglass-shaped individuals and can elongate your legs as well.

#3 Flare Jeans.

Want to get into the 70's vibe? Flare jeans are for you! Many people assume that flare jeans give off a dated look, that couldn't be far from the truth. Pairing a flared pair of jeans with a tightly fitted top can look modern while still looking fun. Flare jeans can look great on pear, apple, and hourglass-shaped individuals. However, if you want to make a statement with your look, try out the floor-grazing flare denim.

#4 Bootcut Jeans.

If flare jeans are too much for you, then bootcut jeans would be a perfect choice. You can even say that they are related to flare jeans and honestly they go great with everything. From flat to booties, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of bootcut jeans. Pear and hourglass shapes are made for a good pair of bootcut pants.

#5 Organic Cotton Jeans.

If you are a fashionista with a keen sense of health-consciousness, try a pair of Eternal 18's organic cotton jeans.

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