5 Jeans Tips That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger

In this day and age, everyone aspires to look young and vibrant. While no one can wind back the clock on age, what we can do instead is age gracefully while still enjoying fashion rather than just throwing in the towel. This is where a nice pair of denim save the day.

Wearing a proper fit of jeans can class up anyone's look while still being age-appropriate. So, if you want to look and feel younger, the following tips can do wonders for anyone.

#1 Black is not the be-all-end-all.

While most people have at least half of their wardrobe filled with black, that doesn't mean it's right for you. Black can indeed be extremely slimming, especially when it comes to denim, but it can also make you look much older than you are.

#2 You don't always have to follow the latest trends.

Trends like ripped jeans and mom jeans might seem fun and cool. There is nothing worse than a person trying to hold onto their teenage years rather than embracing their age and just going with it. We are not saying that all trends are bad, but it is always better to fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces rather than trends that might look 'so last year' in a few months. The key is finding the signature style that distinctively defines you.

#3 Try a slightly cropped pant.

This might not seem like such a big deal, but a pair of cropped jeans offered by us at Eternal 18 can do wonders for anyone. Ankles are a part of the body that show no signs of age and a cropped pant can help you show off your gorgeous shoes while also elongating your legs. Never be afraid to show off a bit of skin, just because you don't have the body you used to rock in your 20's.

#4 That slouched look is not for you.

Many people have been embracing oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans. While that might look cool on someone in their 20's, it can come off as unpolished on others. Baggy jeans can swallow up your whole body and they do no favors to your figure either. So, if you want to rock that cashmere oversized cardigan, pair it with skinny jeans to look classy while staying age-appropriate.

#5 Find your perfect fit.

No one wants a pair of jeans that can show a muffin top or a plumber crack when you sit down. That is why it is so important to find the perfect fit. At Eternal 18 we offer purposefully engineered designer jeans that make you look much younger, while also providing figure-flattering fit.

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