5 Reasons Organic Cotton is the Best Choice for Summer!

Winter season is officially over, hello spring! Flowers blooming, sun shining and everything is simply beautiful. Just as the sun shines brighter and the temperature rises, we have to say good-bye to those winter warm fabrics and go for some lightweight, cool and breezy fabrics for this time of the year. Something more relaxing and comfortable. Unlike synthetic fiber fabrics, organic cotton material is much better and suitable for the summer season. Here’s why:

#1 Let’s your skin breathe!

Summertime, fun time also brings along a lot of sweating. You want something that is light and lets the air pass through it so that you can always feel fresh, clean and not walk around smelling like a pile of dirty laundry. Organic cotton textile is breathable. It’s engineered to keep you dry. Organic fabrics provide ventilation that prevents fungi to grow as compared to synthetic fabrics that encourage yeast growth causing infections. 

#2 It’s absorbent!

Since the organic cotton fabric is all-natural. Just like a towel, it absorbs the moisture and liquid leaving your skin dry and clean. You feel restored and eased without fearing the sweat stains during hot summer days. 

#3 Insulation!

Organic cotton has the ability to save you from the hot summer heat during summer and cold wind in the winter season. It’s a weatherproof fabric. It traps air between its fibers to keep you cool and protected from the hot heat. Help you maintain your body temperature during extreme weather. Isn’t it just perfect? That is just what we want, especially during summer to beat the heat.  

#4 Bye bye irritated skin!

Organic cotton is produced naturally and is chemical-free hence it is hypoallergenic. It won't irritate your skin or cause any rashes or allergies, unlike synthetic fabrics that may cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin for a short or long time. 

#5 Lasts longer!

Organic cotton is very strong, it has impressive tensile strength and it retains its shape after the stretch. This property makes organic cotton durable and less likely to be ripped or torn. Machine washable with hot water. Another reason that makes organic cotton so long-lasting, it does not pill. It means a lot of time, effort and money saved.

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