4 Tips To Look Professional In Slim Jeans

Are you dressing up for an important interview or maybe a college presentation? Or perhaps you are just getting ready for a regular day at work. Under all circumstances, we want you to look fabulous. 

For starters, keep in mind that you don’t always need to buy fancy clothes to make an impression; instead, you just the right ones. Sometimes, we already own the right clothes but are clueless about styling them in a way that will make us look different and appealing. Now, slim denim is something we can find in most wardrobes. We all have it, and we can wear it all the time if we prefer. But, are you aware of the way it can make you look a solid ten from a zero? No? Then let’s take a look at the following tips to step up your style game.

#1 Blazers and Sportcoats.

Blazers and Sportcoats can instantly step up your style and make you look professional. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. You have to pick something that goes with your pair of jeans. For instance, with Eternal 18 Men’s 1805 Designer Jeans, you can wear a midnight blue blazer, as this will display elegance and add to your overall charm.

#2 Dress shirts are not confined to dress pants only!

You do not necessarily have to wear dress pants to compliment your dress shirt unless you are at a wedding or getting an Oscar. You can style your dress shirts with your favorite pair of slim jeans and voila, you look formal and exclusive. If you are wearing Eternal 18 Men’s 1815 Premier Jeans, then you can get that perfect look. These jeans are incredibly comfortable. However, make sure you pick the right solid color dress shirt. You can even rock it with a tie in contrast. Now this will make you look like a million bucks.

#3 Sweatshirt and slim jeans are best friends.

When it comes to dressing up in a classy yet casual way, sweatshirts and slim jeans are like best friends. We definitely own a sweatshirt or two we bought on sale or maybe just fell in love with and could not keep our hands off it. Sweatshirts look great on slim jeans and are perfect for everyday office attire. You have to be very careful with the color you pick, as the wrong color choice may constitute a fashion disaster. Make sure you choose a color that compliments your personality. However, avoid wearing overly patterned and funky sweatshirts to official engagements as it may not make a perfect first impression.

#4 Dress shoes.

We keep everything in check and often overlook the most crucial thing— shoes. Yes! Shoes are an essential part of our overall look. Just the right pair can instantly boost your confidence. Just be sure not to wear flip-flops, sandals, running shoes, velvet slippers, etc. You get the picture ;) Unless you want to look like a clown at work. We suggest you can go with something more dressy and classy shoes. They can instantly elevate your look and make a difference. Here is a bonus tip, always match the color of your belt with the shoes. This may sound like a little extra work. You might even think that, Nah! No one will notice. Well, here is a shocker for you; people do. It has a massive impact on your appearance. If you are wearing brown shoes, never wear a black belt. Go with a brown one.

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