3 Ways To Look Fabulous This Winter

We sure do love dresses and skirts but just as the winter season kicks in, we want to wear something that not only makes us look good but also keeps us warm. Yes, I’m talking about jeans. There are so many different ways we wear jeans. Everyone has their own unique style. However, does that really make you stand out from the crowd? Step up your style game with just the right ways to wear your jeans. Here are three different looks you can achieve using mostly what you already own - stuff that is lying around in your closet. 

#1 Solid Color Shirt with Scarf.

We all own at least one solid color shirt in our closets. Whether it’s a classic button-down, sweatshirt or even a black/white t-shirt, we definitely own one!  What you can do is, pair it with your favorite skinny jeans, such as Eternal 18 Women's 1806 Premier Jeans and wrap a nice scarf around your neck. Now, the key to rock this look is to choose a scarf that contrasts with the color of your shirt. For example, if you are wearing a maroon shirt, you can choose a beige scarf to make your look pop.

#2 Leather Jacket and Plaid Shirts.

Go retro this winter. Rockabilly Baby! Let us admit it; we all are obsessed with the ’50s even though we are in 2020. Plaid shirts and a motorcycle jacket are always a good idea for the winter season. They can instantly make your jeans look great and all rockabilly. Eternal 18 Women's 1808 Premier Jeans is an excellent choice to pair with a black biker’s jacket and a red plaid shirt. 

#3 Ankle Boots.

When it comes to styling yourself, you have to take your shoes into consideration! Sometimes, to save the day, all you need is a good pair of shoes. To compliment your skinny jeans in the winter season, ankle boots are an excellent choice. Whether you are wearing an oversized sweater or an overcoat, ankle boots will highlight your jeans and give you a glamorous look. They can be styled both casually and formally.

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