How to Buy the Right Jeans

Some tips you should keep in mind before you buy your next pair of jeans.

We see it, we like it, we add to the cart, we buy it! However, before we click the checkout button we need to make sure the product is worth our money or not. But, how do we know that this pair of jeans is THE right one or not? Well, we all have a different body type that requires different fittings that flatter our shape. What works for one might not work for others. Here we will share with you some general tips and tricks that may be useful to many when shopping for jeans. After digging and doing research we have shortlisted some key points for you all to look fabulous in your jeans.

Rise of the Jeans 

The rise of the jeans is a serious matter. Once you know which rise suites you the best, it can be a total game-changer. We have three different kinds of rises. Firstly, we have the low-rise. It is 7 inches high and sits 2 inches below the navel, just on top of the hipbone. It was in fashion back in the early 2000s and now it is making a comeback. Second is the mid-rise. These jeans are 8 to 9 inches high. That means it is above the hipbone and just below the belly button. This positioning is comfortable as compared to the low-rise. Lastly, the third type is a high-rise. Now, the high-rise jeans are sometimes 9 to 10 inches and even 11 inches in some cases. High-rise jeans sits on top or above the navel. This rise is ideal if you have a little bit of a belly hanging out and you do not want to hold your breath. High-rise jeans are great at concealing things you want to downplay! 

Inseam Length

So, what is the inseam length? Well, the length from the crotch to the bottom of the leg is inseam length. It plays an essential part in the fitting of your perfect pair of jeans. To make the jeans really flatter your body, it should be the correct length. For different styles of jeans, there is a different measurement. For instance, if you are shopping for skinny jeans, you are going to measure your inseam to the ankle. If you prefer it rolled up, you can measure it 2-3 inches longer than your ankles.

Zipper Quality

If you want to know whether the jeans are high-end or not, check the zipper. If it is an YKK zipper, it is going to last long; it will not break easily. YKK is the standard industrial quality zipper. All the high-end brands use the YKK zipper for their jeans. YKK Group is the world’s largest zipper manufacturing company based in Japan. It is proving its manufacturing facilities in over 71 countries of the world.

The Wash of the Jeans 

Pay attention to the wash and the fading of the jeans. It makes a huge difference in your appearance as it highlights the areas that fade on your denim and make them look larger. Lighter jeans make you look larger and dark ones have more slimming effects.  On top of that, the darker color jeans are more appropriate for a corporate environment. So, pick a pair as per your needs and fitting and know what compliments your shape the most.

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