3 Types Of Boots That Look Good With Skinny Jeans In Winter

Take your styling to a whole new level with this winter shoe style guide with skinny jeans.

We are all about looking our best when we step out of the home. However, sometimes, we overlook the most critical part of our overall appearance—shoes. A good pair of shoes can do wonders. They have the power to make us appear much more presentable and confident just as the saying goes, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”- Coco Chanel. So, let’s check out the three types of boots that you can invest in this winter!

#1 Ankle Boots

Let us admit this; we all love boots and probably own a pair or two. Ankle boots look gorgeous with skinny jeans. They instantly highlight your legs and give you a very flattering look. There are a variety of ankle boots to choose from, and each of them has its uniqueness. The good thing about ankle boots is that they protect you from getting cold in extremely windy weather and make you look like a total fashionista. You can style these boots both formally and casually. We have ankle boots with chunky heels, pencil heels, stilettos heels, wedge heels, and all kinds of heels we can think of. For the days we don’t feel like wearing heels, we have flat ankle boots too.

Ankle Boots

#2 Combat Boots

Combat Boots, also known as military shoes are a great choice for winter/ fall season to style for casual wear. These high boots with laces can look very classy with most things you normally wear. However, they complement the skinny jeans. These boots come in many colors and styles and are a bit higher than the regular ankle boots. A good pair of black combat boots with Eternal 18’s 1802 super stretchable premier skinny jeans will look remarkable. You can style them with boot cuffs of your favorite color for an elegant, chic look. 

Combat Boots


#3 Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots, perfect pick for winter season everyday official/ formal style. Its unique elastic side style provides you not only comfort but also the freedom to wear them with thick socks on a cold winter day. These boots look highly sophisticated when styled formally. They have a thick sole and usually have a small to medium chunky heel with it. It provides the perfect support to your feet for walking and all-day use. They are made in a variety of different colors, but the black and brown are very stylish looking and perfect for formal to casual outfits. When a good pair of Chelsea boots are paired with Eternal 18’s 1800 jeans, the overall unique color combination gives you the ultimate comfort along with style. 

Chelsea Boots


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